Must have info for utility companies



In Cambridge:

Hydro - Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro: for Cambridge 519-621-3484 and in Brant County 519-442-2215

Union Gas: 1-877-969-0999  service

Water - City of Cambridge: 519-740-4524   online

In Kitchener:

Hydro - Kitchener Wilmot Hydro: 519-745-4771

Water, Natural Gas (if located North of the Grand River) water heater rentals (check with your agent): 519-741-2345

Union Gas: 1-877-969-0999  service

In Waterloo:

Hydro - Waterloo North Hydro: 519-886-1550

Union Gas: 1-877-969-0999  service

Water & Waste Water - City of Waterloo: 519-886-5090

In Guelph:

Union Gas: 1-877-969-0999  service

Hydro & Water: Guelph Hydro Electric Systems 519-822-3010


Water heater rental providers (check with your REALTOR® as to which company the current water heater is rented through):

City of Kitchener: 519-741-2345

Reliance Home Comfort: 1-888-948-3220 

Union Gas: 1-877-969-0999

Enercare: 1-877-334-1846

Therm-All: 519-267-THERM


Home Energy Savings Incentive Program Info: